Residential Energy Storage

Innovative Solar and energy solutions that enable residential properties to save more and generate more energy than conventional systems.

Commercial Energy Experts

Industrial strength energy systems that will help your business generate energy efficiently whilst contributing to the environment.

Minimal Energy Loss

Award Winning Technology designed to minimise energy loss and increase overall efficiency of our solar panels.

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Residential Energy Storage A Smart Solution That Can Achieve Grid Neutrality

Using our control logic we aim to reduce your grid dependency using the highest quality battery technology and our bespoke integrated software

  • Save up to 60% on your electricity bill
  • Accurate, up-to-date and user-friendly monitoring
  • Backed Government scheme with up to £6,000 grant
  • Backup power in case of a powercut
The system optimizes the delivery of generated PV power, prioritizing LOCAL loads then BATTERY if necessary and finally ending excess generated power
to the GRID.
This is prioritized to discharge the battery ready for the OFF PEAK time to refill if necessary at the cheapest rate or wait until the next PV generation (this can be set via the software). When the battery is depleted automatic switching will occur and GRID power will be used.
The system has the ability to be a stand alone system in ISLAND MODE. However cannot be used for OFF GRID applications.

There is also a backup power system available for use when there is a power cut, this is a separate system due to G59/G83 regulations and is designed to operate
completely independent to the GRID TIED output.

There is an option in our software to allow remote data collection/analytics. This gives vital information to utility providers and can allow a high level of indication to when demand will occur.

The system can also be operated remotely via wireless communication and can allow network operators access to balance the community loads at peak times and replace at off peak times, without any user intervention. Our MID approved Class 1 Billing Meters allows providers to effectively pool virtual electricity and maximize the grid efficiency without the need to generate more power.

Package Includes: 12x 310w solar panels, 1x 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter, 2x 2.5kWh Battery Pack.

It also Includes pre-installation site surveys and delivery & installation of all hardware including any racking/cabling and associated installation equipment. Also includes lifetime support and usage of monitoring portal.

Revolutionary Design Using Technology to Optimise Energy Efficiency

At Prime Hybrid Energy, we specialise in hardware manufacture and software design to create energy efficiency in an evolving market. We lead with control algorithms and flexible hardware coupled with a proactive approach to grid system management. We take pride in our ability to react quickly to changes In demand which occur.

The Prime Hybrid Inverter charges fast on demand, discharges on demand at a maximum of 2.5kW and comes complete with game-changing smart technology. Simply set preferences through our user-friendly web portal, then relax as the intelligent control unit drives the technology to take care of itself. It will choose whether generated energy should be stored, consumed, or topped up from the grid, whichever will prove most cost effective.

Installation Skilled & Certified Engineers

From start to finish, we endeavour to make the installation as easy for you as possible. Our qualified team of professionals will ensure that all installations are performed to the highest standard.

We treat your home like it is our own. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your home is in safe hands. Typically a system can be installed and commissioned within a day’s work, thanks to our highly skilled team.

About Prime Hybrid Energy

It has been our vision to create a product that would guarantee that people save on their electricity bills. Whether it’s by making the most of a customer’s solar panels, or by charging the battery using the off-peak tariff, we can guarantee that the Prime system will deliver exactly what we promise.

Any Questions?

Need some friendly advice? We’re always happy to hear from potential and existing customers. We have in-house experts that can quickly help you choose the right solution for your business or family home.

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Awarding Winning Energy Solutions

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Energy Capital Innovation Challenge Award 2017 for bringing emerging and disruptive technology to the market to help bring an end to fuel poverty in the UK and provide affordable, controllable energy to everywhere in the world.

The award was presented by the Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street, at the annual Sustainability West Midlands conference.